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Month: May 2018

Welcome to my Blog

The Information Technology field is quite a unique space to plant roots for a career.  Very few fields have such open sharing of ideas, projects and aspirations as this field.  I have been quite fortunate to have entered into the IT space just as the Internet and online services were really becoming A Thing™.  I have always been amazed by just how eager fellow colleagues and peers are to share their ideas, scripts, projects, goals and accomplishments through both in person (conferences, work, over dinner) and through electronic mediums (blogs, forum posts, Slack channels).  Up until the beginning of this year I have been an in-office employee, which has afforded me the opportunity to share my knowledge and help empower others, just like those that helped me when I started out in this industry (thank you Russ).  I have always felt a great sense of satisfaction and pride when I can convey a topic to a colleague and recognize the light bulb go off.  However at the beginning of this year I embarked on a new opportunity, affording me the ability to work from my home office almost 100% of the time.  While this has granted me great changes in my work/life balance, it has to some degree removed my ability to share knowledge and exchange thoughts and ideas with others in my field.

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